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【10/4~10/15】営業時間のお知らせ Business hours






10月4日(水) 18:00~23:00

   5日(木) お休み

   6日(金) 18:00~23:00

   7日(土) Mead Party vol.2 hawaii ←クリックして詳細をご確認ください

   8日(日) お休み

   9日(月) 18:00~23:00

  10日(火) お休み

  11日(水) 18:00~23:00 ※占いはお休みとなります

  12日(木) 18:00~23:00

  13日(金) 18:00~23:00

  14日(土) 18:00~23:00

  15日(日) 18:00~23:00

 以上です! 10月後半の営業時間は、決まり次第お伝えします。


Powerspot Saraie パワースポット サライエ

fanaco & fuzzy

Hello, there!

It's becoming colder these days. Take care of your health!

Mead is well-fed drink. Try one if you have never drunk.

Here's our schedule of the first half of October.

Oct 4th Wed 6:00pm ~ 11:00 pm

5th Thu closed

6th Fri 6:00pm ~ 11:00 pm

7th Sat Mead Party vol.2 hawaii ← Click here for more information.

8th Sun closed

9th Mon 6:00pm ~ 11:00pm

10th Tue closed

11th Wed 6:00pm ~ 11:00pm ※fortune-telling is off

12th Thu 6:00pm ~ 11:00pm

13th Fri 6:00pm ~ 11:00pm

14th Sat 6:00pm ~ 11:00pm

15th Sun 6:00pm ~ 11:00pm

We will tell you when we decide the schedule of the second half of October.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Powerspot Saraie

fanaco & fuzzy

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